Sunday, May 6, 2012

The new sleek hybrid prius c

The new sleek hybrid that is breaking all records for Toyota.
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Prius c with the gas mileage un herd of in the automobile industry and the true technology of a hybrid..
runs on gas, electric or both..
At 50 plus miles to the gallon prius c is making waves ....
see what $19,999 can get you, MILEAGE.....


Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Toyota of Redlands sales are on the upswing and there is no sign of slowing..

With the increase of new products Toyota is taking a bold move to fill all niches in the auto industry..
with their expanding line in the hybrid market the new prius c is providing the traffic to many dealers across
the country. More foot traffic equals more sales.

And traffic is what the industry needs right now.. we all know sales at dealers has been slow to say the least.
People have held on to their automobiles longer resulting in less trade ins to dealers. We have seen trades coming with 150,00 miles and more. meaning less desirable trades that new car dealers can keep and market on their used car lots.. the right trade in can bring more money than most customers think, equaling less debt on the automobile they are purchasing ..And helping the customer to qualify for a loan easier.

Banks have relaxed in their qualifying of loans and we are back on track.. If you work and make more than $2000 a month you have an excellent chance of qualifying for a loan right now, depending on your down payment..and the price of the car your looking at.. .

Many experts in the auto industry expect the coming months to help erase the last 4 years of stagnant growth
It may be the right time VISIT YOUR LOCAL TOYOTA DEALER..

We have an automobile and a loan to fit your budget and most of the time you are driving your new automobile with in hours..

Contact us and let Toyota of Redlands help you with your automotive needs
we are a full service dealer

thanks, johnny rodriguuez

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Toyota plans top spot again

Afetr months of slagging sales Toyota is again eyeing the top spot in north america. the market is there but the cars are not, quoted one source in late june. the iventory (lack of) has just been the talk of the town for many japanese auto makers. the earth quake has taken its toll. and for the first time Toyota has halted production of cars in many of it's manufacturing plants around the world.

but now sources say they are coming back with a vengence and to regain the top spot from GM.
Remember GM was on the verge of being no more when the feds stepped in to rescue the from a market we have not seen in the auto industry for over 60 years.

we will see in the next few weeks what Toyota has in store and I will keep you updated with their strategy.

thanks, johnny rodriguez. auto industry expert

Monday, October 18, 2010

Get your inside information on purchasing your next auto

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New automobile manufacture making waves in the auto industry

The auto maker Kia is gaining ground fast in the U.S. market and doesn't look like they are going away soon.
with the country in a stale market people are changing their mind set. they are going towards an auto line that has not been in the U.S long. they are looking for a car that has a good warranty and is affordable, not to mention great on gas. With more and more Kia dealerships opening we are seeing a trend that use to take new auto manufactures decades to establish. allstar kia in so. California has become #1 in as little as four (4) months of opening their doors. They serve in a community that is made up of a mix of blue collar and professional workers.

This area of California has been hit hard by the recession, and home foreclosures at an all time high.  Thus we have a car manufacture breaking records and doing business as if there were no recession at all.  The car has a 10year 100,000 mile power train warranty and a 5year 60,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty. Plus roadside side service. this is very interesting, they have really stepped up to the plate. Not to mention their  billion dollar state of the art manufacturing plant in Georgia. so take a test drive and see for your self. To get our latest news and insider tips go to the red box on the right and sign up.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

2010 year models going fast

just as I suspected , 2010 models going fast. With all the incentives manufactures are offering automobiles are leaving dealer lots quickly.banks are also loosening up their lending practices but are still stringent on some stipulations, like having customers provide proof of income , proof of residence and utility bills. gone are the days of buying a car or truck and not providing proof of income or where you live.
We still are not back to the days of dealers stocking hundreds of automobiles. and because stock is down people are having a hard time finding the right equipment or colors. It may be a few years before manufactures beef up production. but its coming and it may be just around the corner, automobiles only last so long.

Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 a new year greatly welcomed

Well its over 2009, and it was alot better than 2008 as far as the automobile industry was concerned.We saw alot of changes in the auto business as I knew we would. why there was so many dealers on every corner, only the big shots will know. but its finally over , Im talking about the readjustment that the auto industry needed. We have weeded out alot of dealers and alot of personal. So now what? well what you have now is what the experts call the best of the best. the best dealers the best service personal and the best sales people. We have all been touched by this global melt down only to survive what I call a once in 2 life times event. It wasnt normal and it was felt around the world on every corner and in every household. on our way back up this economic ladder we have learned valuble lessons. and some of us were even considering changing careers. but many chose to stick it out and continue to serve our loyal dealers because they stuck by their sales personal. remember sales is the end result of every company, glass,tires,sheet metal,electronics,engines, auto parts,walmart j.c.pennys, sears ,newspapers,magazines,furniture,lawn mowers, and etc. so you see with sales personal you have nothing, zero,zip,nada.. So the next time you go out and are approached by a sales person ,, remember you are talking to the cream of the crop , the best of the best. so be patient and let them help you and you will see why it takes a special person to serve the public.